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Designing spaces that

Enhance, Inspire and Elevate.


Surbhi's Story

From a young age, my fascination with home decor and improvement was undeniable. I vividly remember adorning our walls with vibrant POP artwork, much to my parents' delight. At the age of twelve, I took matters into my own hands, quite literally, by personally installing kitchen tiles when the contractor left the project mid-way. It was then that I began to recognize myself as an artist. Immersing myself in various forms of fine art and craft.

This creative spirit led me to pursue oil painting and exhibit my artwork in galleries across India. After a Bachelor's degree in Literature, I immersed myself in a two-year design study, and subsequently, I delved into the dynamic design departments of corporate giants, Amazon and Gartner.

It was during this journey that I discovered photography as a powerful medium of artistic expression. This revelation prompted me to step away from the corporate world to pursue my dreams of travel and photography. Together with like-minded individuals, I co-founded GoodShotz, a platform that imparts the art and techniques of photography to passionate learners through workshops and tours across the globe.

Surbhi Kaushik interior designer bangalore india

Yet, amidst the exhilaration of travel and photography, I felt a familiar pull—my childhood passion for home interiors. The years of traversing continents, immersing in diverse cultures, and witnessing architectural marvels have indelibly shaped my design thinking. They've endowed my vision with depth and perspective.In my approach, I marry the latest trends and technologies with timeless design principles. This ensures that my clients not only experience the best of contemporary design but also revel in enduring, classic charm. I believe in designs that stand tall against ever-changing trends, creating spaces that age with grace.This eclectic journey from art enthusiast to design maven, from painter to photographer, is the blend of experiences that defines my approach to interiors. Each chapter has contributed to the unique, multi-dimensional designer I am today, ready to infuse your spaces with a blend of creativity, functionality, and enduring elegance.

Welcome to Surbhi Kaushik Interior Designs, where your space tells a story as unique as you.

Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Design Moodboard by Surbhi Kaushik

Our Team

At Surbhi Kaushik Interior Designs, we take pride in our seasoned team of experts. 
Under the personal supervision of Founder and Principal Designer—Surbhi Kaushik, each project is meticulously managed, ensuring that every detail aligns with the client's vision and preferences.

With years of experience,
ur in-house contractors, painters, carpenters and creative professionals bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to every project.

This dedicated team guarantees the highest level of dependability and craftsmanship.

Our Approach

From Concept to Completion, your vision guides every step of the journey.
& Consultation

We begin with a thorough discussion to understand your vision, preferences, and specific needs for the space. This initial consultation sets the foundation for the entire design process.


Based on our discussion, we create a design concept that encompasses layout, color schemes, and overall style. This serves as a visual guide to ensure our vision aligns with yours.

Design Planning
& Execution

Once the concept is approved, we proceed with detailed planning. This involves manufacturing & sourcing materials, furniture, and accessories that fit the design. We have an experienced in-house team & we also coordinate with trusted suppliers and craftsmen to bring the concept to life.

& Collaboration

We present the finalized design plan, incorporating your feedback and ensuring that every element aligns with your vision. Collaboration is key, and we welcome your input at every stage.

Implementation &
Project Management

Our team oversees the execution, ensuring that each aspect is implemented to perfection. We manage the project timeline and coordinate with contractors to ensure a seamless process.

Final Touches
& Styling

Once the core elements are in place, we focus on the finer details that elevate the space. From lighting fixtures to accessories, every piece is carefully chosen to enhance the overall design.

Reveal &

The final step is the big reveal. We walk you through the transformed space, ensuring it meets and exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate measure of success.


Even after the project is complete, we're here to address any questions or additional needs that may arise. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the final reveal.



Please take a moment to complete the form below with as much detail as possible. Our team will reach out to you promptly.

We're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to help you transform your space into a living, breathing reality.

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Hey, I'm Surbhi Kaushik
Interior Designer
Based in Bangalore

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