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Surbhi Kaushik is a creative individual with a diverse set of skills that she seamlessly integrates into her work.


An accomplished travel and landscape photographer, she captures the world's beauty through her lens, embarking on visual journeys across continents. Surbhi is also the co-founder of GoodShotz Photography Pvt Ltd, a platform that imparts the art and techniques of photography to passionate learners through workshops and tours around the globe.

Her artistic vision is uniquely enriched by her travels, fostering a synergy between her passion for photography, her deep love for nature, and her expertise in interior design.


As the co-founder of The Blue Hour, a distinguished home decor store, she brings a unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurship to her projects.

With a profound dedication to design, Surbhi's journey encompasses roles within design departments of corporate giants like Amazon and Gartner. Her artistic essence radiates through her work, crafting spaces that transcend trends, embodying timeless and enduring elegance. Her passion for art and design, combined with her connection to nature, forms the backbone of her identity where creativity knows no bounds.

Diverse cultures and landscapes encountered during her travels broaden her creative horizons, infusing design projects with a rich blend of global influences.

Her ability to harmonize various cultures, travel stories, destinations, and the allure of nature with a client-centric approach results in spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, becoming immersive experiences. 


Surbhi Kaushik's journey as a photographer, traveller, interior designer, and entrepreneur is a testament to her commitment to unbounded creativity.

Surbhi Kaushik photographer in tuscany italy
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