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Photography Tour with Surbhi Kaushik 

Dates: 22-24 March 2024
Total Sessions: 7
Duration: 3 Days
Level: Basic to Advanced
About Munnar

A trip to Munnar is an awakening of sorts. The endless tea estates manage to titillate your senses and refresh your mind. Everywhere you look seems sprung with beauty au naturel — shrouded by the western ghats, this ‘Kashmir of South India’ keeps some of the most gigantic falls, tea gardens, wondrous views, and pristine lakes nestled within its lap.

The photography tour will comprise extensive shoots in Munnar and its hidden corners. From gazing at gorgeous sunrises, shooting through the day and ending it with the most eloquent sunsets in the most picturesque locations, this trip will evoke you to return here again and again.

Buckle up, this will be an experience like no other. You will be pushed early mornings and late evenings, but we promise that you will take back breathtaking shots that will make you a better travel photographer.


Unlock the full potential of your photography gear — be it a camera, drone, or even smartphone. The right settings, the right lenses; you'll know it all.


Explore the beauty of iconic locations with insightful guidance, capturing the essence of this mesmerizing destination.


Post-processing is an integral part of photography. Learn essential techniques to enhance and refine your captured images.


A dynamic learning experience that goes beyond traditional workshops — personalized guidance, interactive sessions, and a holistic approach to photography education.

Capture. Create. Evolve. Inspire.
Photography Tours and Workshops India
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